Intuitive Surgical's da Vinci Sp Single Port Robotic Surgical System

Intuitive received FDA approval for its new da Vinci Sp single port robot system that we have already seen 5 years ago as a prototype. This act definitely put a pressure on Titan and other competitors, while the system is only planned to really be pushed to the market in late 2015. The system is designed for urologic minimally-invasive procedures that are already performed via a single incision.

"The FDA has granted Intuitive Surgical 510(k) clearance for the da Vinci Sp surgical system, which helps physicians control EndoWrist Sp instruments during urologic surgical procedures that are appropriate for a single-port approach.
The da Vinci Sp patient-side cart is designed to expand Intuitive’s single-incision product offerings. It delivers an articulating 3D HD camera, along with three fully articulating instruments — which Intuitive claims have two more degrees of freedom than the single-site instruments — through just one 25 mm cannula."
"The fully wristed EndoWrist Sp Instruments have two more degrees of freedom than the da Vinci Single-Site Instruments, which are not wristed and are used in single port surgeries. The surgeon controls the instruments and endoscope while seated at the da Vinci Surgical System console.  The Company does not intend to commercialize the da Vinci Sp technology until the current technology is engineered to be fully compatible with the newly released da Vinci Xi Surgical System, currently projected for the second half of 2015. This will require product refinements, supply chain optimization and additional regulatory clearances."


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