CRAS2014: Joining Efforts – Progressing Faster

The CRAS workshop series is back this year again!
This workshop aims at bringing together researchers and clinicians involved in computer and/or robot assisted surgery to provide a clear view on the status and recent trends in this field and to propose concrete measures to achieve a critical mass in research and innovation in this field.
Specific topics of interest include, amongst others:
  • registration, segmentation and modeling;
  • motion compensation and active guidance;
  • human-robot collaboration and shared control;
  • workflow analysis and episode segmentation;
  • machine learning and cognitive surgical robotics;
  • surgical skill assessment;
  • usability and user-acceptance;
  • surgical training;
  • tactile and haptic feedback;
  • variable stiffness robotic systems;
  • novel robotic hardware and sensors;
  • novel interfaces;
  • standardization and regulation;
  • system integration;
  • safety and dependability;
  • synergies and clustering;
  • visionary works and roadmaps
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