AQrate robotic system for spine surgery

"KB Medical was founded as a spin-off company from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL). The initial phase of development was conducted in Virtual Reality and Active Interfaces (VRAI) research group lead by Dr. Charles Baur within the Laboratory of Robotic Systems (LSRO) lead by prof. Reymond Clavel. The robotic prototype for research was called Neuroglide.

The AQrate robotic system being developed by KB Medical consists of mobile robotic system, linked with an optical tracking system, which guides the surgeon through the various stages of the surgery.
The system’s reliability and ease of use does not disrupt the work flow, nor the standard procedure steps and integrates seamlessly into existing operating rooms. The robotic concept was validated with leading surgeons worldwide, who confirmed the top advantages of the system:
  • Possible elimination of the fluoroscopy and reduction of radiation received intra-operatively by surgeons and their team, and patient
  • Consistency and predictability in screws placement with a high precision
For patients it will mean improvement in the quality of life by potential prevention of complications, possible faster recovery time and reduction or elimination of returning pain."

The company started with €4 million VC funding, they received the Venture 2012 prize, and CTI certification.


Ma Nl said…
To whom it may concern,

I am responsible for marketing within KB Medical SA and I see that you recently published about our AQrate Robotic Assistance System. You do use our trademark name but you show old prototype of the research project at EPFL, not actual system KB Medical is building.
This is misleading and we would prefer if you could have contactted us before placing old information that may damage our company.
Thank you.
Mrs. Malgosia Iwankowska
Board of Directors
KB Medical SA
phone: +41.787385603
T. said…
Dear Mrs. Iwankowska,

This is an RnD blog, thus we use all public information available. This was such at the time of the post. We will be most happy to publish updates on your system, and direct readers to that! Please send us materials to at Thank you.
isabellucasfan said…
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