Report from IEEE ICRA -- part1

The annual IEEE  International Conference on Robotics and Automation is a big feast for the medical robotics community. (See our previous reports on ICRA 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) The rise of the domain can well be witnessed through the increase of relevant session. The first two days of the conference in Hong Kong already featured a set of relevant workshops, featuring great research from all around. 
Advanced in Flexible Robots for Surgical Interventions (Saturday, organized by Bergeles, Dupont, Ikuta,  Lee and Yang)
  • G.-Z. Yang Challenges and Opportunities in Flexible Access Surgical Robots
  • Y.-J. Kim, J. Lee: A Novel Trans-Umbilical Single-Port Surgical Robot Maximizing Internal Dexterity, Flexibility and Stiffness 
  • N. Simaan: Continuum Robots for Single Port Access, Transurethral, Throat and Cochlear Implant Surgery
  • P. Dupont: Exteroceptive and Proprioceptive Sensing for Co-robotic Control of Surgical Continuum Robots
  • R. Webster: Transurethral, Transbronchi, and Transtissue: New Flexible Access Surgeries Enabled by Concentric Tube Robots
  • J. Desai: Towards Robot-Assisted Neurosurgery Under Continuous MRI Guidance
  • P. Chiu Clinical Challenges in Flexible Access Surgery
    K. Althoefer From STIFF to FLOPpy: A New Approach for Robot-Assisted Surgery: Advancements and Challenges
  • A. Menciassi: Endoluminal and Endocavitary Robots: Some Examples for Combining Flexibility and Dexterity
  • K. Ikuta From Flexible Endoscopes to Nanotools for Single-Cell Surgery
  • D. Camarillo: Model-less Control for Continuum Manipulators in Unstructured Environments
  • R. Patel: Control of Tip Contact Force for Steerable Ablation Catheters
  • B. Nelson: Magnetic Navigation of Flexible Access Robots
  • A Novel Underactuated Wire-Driven Flexible Robotic Arm with Controllable Bending Section Length
  • Teleoperated Robotic Needle Steering with Cartesian Space Control
  • Model-less Control of a Flexible Robotic Catheter
  • Automated Pointing of Cardiac Ultrasound Catheters
  • Nonlinear Information Fusion for Snakelike-Robot Backbone-Frame Localization
  • Bifurcated Paths for Steerable Flexible Needles

Workshop on Soft and Stiffness-Controllable Robots for Minimally Invasive Surgery (Sunday, organized by Kaspar Althoefer, King’s College London) 
  • A. Menciassi: Enabling Technologies for Soft Actuation and Stiffness Control in Endoscopy and MIS
    M. Acer et al.: Sensor Embedded Soft Pneumatic Actuator for an Endonasal Instrument
  • M. Bianchi et al.: End User Interfaces and Actuation Systems for (Micro)surgical Robotics:
    Technologies and Future Directions 
  • T. Nanayakkara: Robot-assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery using Controllable Stiffness Manipulators
  • J. Czarnowski et al.: An Intelligent Data Fusion System Concept for the STIFF-FLOP Project
  • Beretta et al.: Variable Damping Control for Robotic Neurosurgery
    G. Zhang: Prototype Design of Flexi-Hand for Single Incision Laparoscopis Surgery
    G. Horst: Customizable Flexible Manipulator for Minimally Invasive Surgery Manufactured by Selective Laser Sintering
  • M. Cianchetti: RoboSoft Coordination Action for Soft Robotics
  • K. Althoefer: Challenges of Soft Robots for Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • C. Lekakou: Skins in Nature and Soft Biorobotics
  • C. Duriez: Control of Elastic Soft Robots using Real-Time Inverse Simulation on SOFA framework
  • N. Sornkarn : Palpation with Controllable Stiffness for Robot-assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery


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