Surgical Robotics archives

Hereby we are launching a new series: archives of surgical robotics. Interesting old systems and concepts will be presented. There have already been some relevant posts, worth taking a look:
Since NASA can be considered as the birthplace of modern surgical robotics, let us take a look into some of their archive videos on their RAMS system:
Parallel to that, SRI was busy working on its Green Telepresence System, which is the straight predecessor of the da Vinci: 
"Philip Green led a team at SRI that assembled the first working model of a telepresence surgery system in 1991, and with funding from the NIH Green went on to design and build a demonstration system. The proposal contained the diagram shown in Fig. 1 showing the concept of workstation, viewing arrangement, and manipulation configuration used in the surgical telepresence systems today. In 1992 SRI obtained funding for a second-generation telepresence system for emergency surgeries in battlefield situations. For this second-generation system the SRI team developed the precise servo-mechanics, force-feedback, 3D visualization and surgical instruments needed to build a computer-driven system that could accurately reproduce a surgeon's hand motions with remote surgical instruments having 5-degrees of freedom and extremely sensitive tactile response."
 /Telepresence surgery demonstration system 1994


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