24-Hour Live Worldwide Robotic Surgery Event

"On the 16-17th February 2015 Karolinska Institutet hosted a world first event, when 10 leading robotic centers of excellence from 4 continents broadcasted for 24 continuous hours. All the surgeons operating were experienced live surgeons, pioneers in their fields, who have contributed to the development and advancement of excellence in robotic surgery techniques...  
We aim to highlight the benefits of this approach to surgical training with a worldwide team who will represent the best of current standardized surgical technique. 14 different robotic operations will be broadcast from the 10 centres during their normal theatre working hours. We will be coordinating the broadcasts using LiveArena hardware and infrastructure.   During the event there will be opportunity to interact with the surgical teams via social media. There will be a blog set up on the BJUI website, that any doctor registered can ask questions or highlight a topic for discussion. Questions can also be posted via Twitter #WRSE24. During the 24 hour transmission Karolinska will monitor these aspects, combining the discussions and providing regular feedback via a 24 hour 'overview' broadcast on a separate channel.  More details at twrse24.org"

Video link.


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