AutoLap received FDA clearance

AutoLap is a state-of-the-art image-guided assistance robot for MIS. "It offers the surgeon full and natural control of the laparoscope and exceptional intraoperative image capabilities for the freedom to fully focus on the surgical procedure. AutoLap takes the laparoscope out of the human hands of operating room assistants and nurses allowing the surgeon to seamlessly control the laparoscope’s movement.
Powered by proprietary image analysis software, AutoLap interacts with the surgeon’s movements and directions within the surgical cavity providing precise laparoscope movement and positioning and offering full and natural control and exceptional intraoperative image capabilities – all with minimal user interaction. AutoLap is FDA cleared and CE Mark approved and is being used in the clinical setting. Additional system modules and versions are currently under regulatory review."

"MST Receives FDA Clearance for “Follow Me” Image-Guided software for Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery 
MST–Medical Surgery Technologies Ltd., a leader in the field of advanced image-based robotic technology, today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the Follow Me software designed for minimally invasive robotic surgery. Follow Me is an advanced function of MST’s AutoLap, an image-guided laparoscope positioning system. Powered by MST’s image-based intelligence technology, AutoLap enables full and natural control of the surgical procedure with minimal user interaction."

Mid-last year, MST successfully raised funds for its international market expansion: " MST has announced the closing of its Series C investment round. The $12.5 million investment was led by Haisco Pharmaceutical Group (“Haisco”), a leading Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturer, and was joined by existing MST investors: Triventures, SCP Vitalife Partners, Agate MaC Medical Investments, OurCrowd and Jacobs Investment Company." 

Read more in the Product brochure.


LifeVoxel.AI said…
LifeVoxel.AI has developed a Interactive Streaming and AI Platform for medical imaging using GPU clusters cloud computing. It is a leap in cloud technology platform in medical imaging that encompasses use cases in visualization, AI, image management and workflow. It’s approach is unique that it has been granted 12 International patents. LifeVoxel.AI’s platform is certified for HIPAA compliancy. The platform was granted an FDA 510K approval for use in diagnostic interpretation of medical images.

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LifeVoxel.AI said…
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