First Titan SPORT demo

Titan's system is preparing for the show: 
"The images show the initial SPORT Surgical System, which was built for Engineering Verification (EV) purposes. During EV testing, all components, including the Workstation (WS) and the Patient Cart (PC) shown in the pictures below, will be tested to measure performance in relation to design specifications and to measure compliance with regulatory guidelines. These EV units are precursors of the units that will be built in early 2016 for first-in-human use."
"“Regarding IP, Titan mgmt. thinks its patent portfolio will protect the technology, particularly around certain ‘automation features’ (i.e., camera positioning and supposedly a mechanism of cleaning the camera lens without having to remove the camera), though we suspect ISRG will still aggressively go after Titan given the similarities we see between dv SP and Sport,” Newitter and Misra wrote."
The system looks nice--quite a stretch from where they started early on, and even with the prototype they had just a few years ago. Read a nice article about their journey with Ximedica [part1][part2]: 

Source: Titan MedicalMDTMag


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