Avatera - a new robot from Germany

Avateramedical has been developing a new master-slave surgical robot system for many years. After the initial tests with the advanced prototype, it's now ready for publicity!
"Laparoscopic surgery based on a telemanipulator-supported system offers surgeons considerable advantages. Associated ideas and approaches have already existed for a long time. Some robot-assisted surgical procedures, especially in the treatment of prostate and kidney cancer, have almost replaced traditional laparoscopic techniques.  Higher precision, 3D visualization, extended instrument movement capacity, improved ergonomics for the surgeon, fewer complications and shorter hospitalization periods for the patient are what physicians and clinics specify as arguments in deciding for robot-assisted surgery.  We are convinced that this pioneering form of surgery will be used far more extensively if the previously set barriers regarding the purchase and operation of a robotic system can be overcome. This is precisely the challenge we are facing and are therefore developing a highly modern platform for robot-assisted surgery."
The Design Principles of the avatera-System:
Surgical robot
  • 4 robotic arms
  • mobile, light-weight design
  • 5 mm, articulated instruments with 7 degrees of freedom
Control unit
  • more than Full-HD 3D-Visualization
  • open design for close interaction with the surgical team
About the company:
avateramedical GmbH was founded in 2011 at the initiative of leading surgeons, international investors and medical technology experts. Right from the start, it has been our objective to create an attractive system for robot-assisted surgery. Meanwhile, our company has been certified as a provider of medical devices in accordance with ISO 13485. The avatera group is currently employing more than 90 members of staff.
All avateramedical development activities take place in Germany. Our corporate head office is located at the medical technology location Jena/Thuringia."

Avateramedical received €75m convertible loan from ConvEx last summer. Planned commercial launch: 2017. Stay tooned! 

Source: avateramedical


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