The Surgical Robotics Lab at UTwente

SRL has a dynamic research agenda, and we consist of a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, clinicians, and industrial collaborators. We focus on developing innovative solutions for a broad range of clinically-relavent challenges.
The research of SRL focuses on developing novel techniques to reach challenging locations within the body.
We design a range of flexible minimally invasive surgical instruments and microrobotic systems, and robotically control them using various clinical imaging modalities such as ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance images. For further details on our activities please refer to our Research and Publications pages.
SRL is composed of an interdisciplinary team of engineers from diverse backgrounds (Mechanical, Electrical, Biomedical, Applied Physics, and Technical Medicine). We closely collaborate with our clinical partners at Univeristy Medical Center Groningen, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center, and Medisch Spectrum Twente.
SRL is equipped with rapid prototyping facilities such as 3D printer and laser cutter, and also access to the department workshop. Further, we also have 3D ultrasound (research) systems and several navigation instruments.
We are always looking for motivated students interested in Master’s- or Bachelor’s-level projects in the general area of surgical robotics.  Please peruse our Openings page, or look at the Research page if you would like to get involved in one of the projects.
SRL recevies generous support from the European Commission (Horizon 2020), European Research Council (ERC), Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), Dutch Technology Foundation (STW), Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw), Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), and the Northern Netherlands Provinces Alliance (SNN)." 

Publications from 2016, Journal articles
    • T Araujo, M Abayazid, M J C M Rutten, and S Misra, “Segmentation and three-dimensional reconstruction of lesions using the Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS)”, International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, 2016. Accepted.
    • I S M Khalil, H Abass , M Shoukry , A Klingner , R M El-Nashar , M Serry and S Misra, “Robust and optimal control of magnetic microparticles inside fluidic channels with time-varying flow rates”, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 2016. Accepted.
    • R J Roesthuis and S Misra, “Steering of multi-segment continuum manipulators using rigid-link modeling and FBG-based shape sensing”, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 32(2): 372 – 382, April 2016. 
      M Abayazid, P Moreira, N Shahriari, A Zompas, and S Misra, “Three-dimensional needle steering using Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS)”, Journal of Medical Robotics Research, 1(1), March 2016. In Press. 


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