Da Vinci X is coming

Intuitive is planning to launch an upgrade to the Si, making it a new product, da Vinci X, fitting between the Si and the Xi series:
"Over the next several quarters, we plan to launch a new technology upgrade to Si, named da Vinci X that enables a compelling entry point to our advanced technologies. da Vinci Xi will remain our flagship and we will provide customers with logical upgrade paths for more affordable entry-level systems like Si and X to Si and Sp.
It really combines our latest instrument accessory, robotic, and computing and imaging technology with an Si patients cart chassis. This brings to market advanced upgrade package for Si technology that’s lost between the Si and the Xi in terms of its breadth of clinical reach. And it creates an attractive entry point for either an upgrade or a new install.
We have submitted our documents for CE Mark review for X and anticipate it will be available in Europe in the second quarter, with clearances in other regions following over time. We’ll provide you with additional information on X as it launches."
The TM for da Vinci X was submitted last Autumn.

In the meanwhile, the clinical assessment of the Sp platform takes a little longer than expected:
"Our Sp program continues to progress in its clinical trial work and new site initiation. Cases at our active trial site in Asia have included transoral, urologic and colorectal surgery. We’re also on track in initiating our U.S. IDE sites to gather clinical data in transoral surgery. In reviewing feedback from surgeons in Asia and the latest standards for human factors validations, we have elected to pull forward a software release for Sp ahead of our urology 510(k)."

Source: Gary Guthart via Seeking Alpha


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