ICRA2017 is on us

The annual IEEE ICRA is here again. Last year, we had a great tutorial at ICRA in Stockholm, and this year, in Singapore, you can see a showcase of latest technological advancements again.
A particularly interesting workshop will be on
featuring some of the most well known experts of the field:
  • Kaspar Althoefer Queen Mary University of London: Compliant & Continuum: Flexible robots of controllable stiffness for minimally invasive surgery: the STIFF-FLOP project
  • Ken Goldberg UC Berkeley: Cognitive - Bootstrapping Deep Reinforcement Learning of Surgical Tensioning with An Analytic Model
  • Arianna Menciassi SSSA: Compliant - Minimally Invasive Surgery: From Soft Surgical Tools to Flexible Platforms for Focused Ultrasounds“?
  • Ilana Nisky Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: Cognitive and collaborative - Human sensorimotor control for evaluating the skill of surgeons and the transparency of teleoperation in surgical robotics
  • Paolo Fiorini University of Verona: Cognitive - Surgical data analysis: training and skill assessment
  • Elena De Momi Politecnico di Milano: Collaborative interfaces for human robot interaction
  • Jaydev Desai Gatech: Continuum & Cognitive - Flexible robots for minimally invasive surgical procedures
  • Robert Howe, Harvard University: Continuum - Enabling Autonomous Ultrasound-based Procedure Guidance In Cardiac Interventions
  • Tim Salcudean UBC: Cognitive - Ultrasound-based Guidance for Robot-assisted Prostate Surgery
  • Katherine Kuchenbecker, UPenn: Cognitive-Physical Instrument Interactions Strongly Relate to Robotic Surgical Skill
  • Robert J. Webster III Vanderbilt University: Continuum - Single Port Robots as Hand-Held Tools … and When to do the Opposite
  • Wen P. Liu, Intuitive Surgical: Between the C’s - Image Guidance in Robotic-Assisted Surgery
  • Pietro Valdastri, University of Leeds: Compliant and Cognitive - Lifesaving Capsule Robots
 Do not miss ICRA17!


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