Intuitive Surgical: 2018 Clinical and Technology Research Grant Programs

This year again, you are given the chance to bring your best ideas and prototypes in MIS to the next stage, and integrate them with the da Vinci platform. See more about the grant opportunities below. Extended deadlines expire June 9, 2017!

"Intuitive Surgical has announce its 2018 grant programs for clinical and technology research. Additional information about these grants on our company website:

In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the technology research grants. The purpose of these grants is to support technology research in the area of surgical robotics, or related fields. The program is open to researchers at non-profit academic institutions worldwide and successful proposals will ideally address clinically-relevant technology development.
We are hosting an open call for letters of intent for our grant programs.  We have identified several key research areas of interest for the 2018 technology grant program. Principal Investigators are encouraged, although not required to submit proposals that fall into one or more of the following grant categories (further details and project examples provided at the link above):
  •     Instruments and Accessories: Research focused on instruments and accessories that, together with a robotic surgical system, enable surgeons to deliver improved therapy for better treatment of patients.
  •     Intelligent Systems: Research focused on new technologies or algorithms that improve the capabilities of robotic systems based on data-driven models of the surgeon, the system, and/or the environment.
  •     Navigation and Guidance: Research focused on developing technology to improve surgical outcomes by navigation and guidance solutions.
  •     Novel System Architecture: Exploration of novel system-level concepts for robot-assisted intervention.
  •     Training Technologies: Research focused on developing and testing computerized hardware and software to train or evaluate the technical skills required by members of a da Vinci surgical team.
  •     User Interface / Controls: Research on methods that augment human-in-the-loop perception, decision-making and control when performing minimally invasive surgical tasks.
  •     Vision: Research focused on developing and testing imaging hardware and software to augment surgeon knowledge about anatomy, tissue or disease state.
Interested applicants should submit their completed online application by June 9, 2017.  Invitations to submit full grant proposals will be sent on July 21, 2017, with a submission deadline of September 15th, 2017. Details of the selection criteria, grant conditions, and other guidelines, are available on our website.  We use an online submission portal for our grant programs, following is the link to the technology grant portal!"

More information:
Ms. Dale Bergman
Manager, Research Programs | Intuitive Surgical, Inc. |

Source: Intuitive


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