Microsure robot used for super-microsurgery

Another clinical milestone was met by TU Eindhoven's spinoff, the Microsure system:  
"Plastic surgeons at Maastricht University Medical Center have used a robotic device to surgically treat lymphedema in a patient. This is the world's first super-microsurgical intervention with 'robot hands'. The surgeons used the robotic device to suture vessels of 0.3 to 0.8 millimeter in the arm of the patient. The robotic device, created by Eindhoven company Microsure, enhances the surgeon's precision, making this type of procedure easier to perform. The patient is doing well and the surgeons are enthusiastic. The news of this extraordinary operation has been announced at the 26th World Congress of Lymphology, in Barcelona.
Surgeons in Maastricht found the solution in Eindhoven. The surgical robot of Microsure, a spin-off of Eindhoven University of Technology and Maastricht University Medical Center, is controlled by a surgeon whose hand movements are converted into smaller, more precise movements which then are performed on the patient by a set of 'robot hands'. The device also stabilizes any tremor in the surgeon's movements, which makes the procedure more controlled and thus easier to perform. The Microsure robot is expected to enhance a large number of microsurgical procedures and enable new interventions that are currently impossible to perform by hand. This will lead to better patient outcome and lower healthcare costs due to a reduced rate of complication and less post-operative treatment."

Source: MUMC


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