Roboscope: a flexible, blendable single port robot

A novel flexible and bendable endoscopic device, “Roboscope” was introduced in a recent paper at IEEE ICRA
"Roboscope delivers two instruments, two miniature scanning fiber endoscopes, and a suction/irrigation port to the operation site through a single portal. Compared with existing bendable and steerable robotic surgical systems, Roboscope provides two bending degrees of freedom for its outer sheath and two insertion degrees of freedom, while simultaneously delivering two instruments and two endoscopes to the surgical site. Each bending axis and insertion freedom of Roboscope is independently controllable via an external actuation pack. Surgical tools can be changed without retracting the robot arm. This paper presents the design of the Roboscope mechanical system, electrical system, and control and software systems, design requirements and prototyping validation as well as analysis of Roboscope workspace.

Source: Rosen et al. 2017


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