DLR: From Space to Terrestrial Application Domains

A great presentation was delivered by Julian Klodmann from DLR at the recent Óbuda University International EKIK Day:  
This talk gave a general overview of the research conducted at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics of DLR. Starting with Space Robotics Domains, i.e. On-Orbit Servicing, Space Robot Assistance and Planetary Observations, the synergies with DLR’s terrestrial research domains will be derived. Those range from Intelligent Service Robotics, Future Manufacturing, Field Robotics and Healthcare. Finally, a special focus will be laid on the Healthcare - Surgical Robotics domain, its synergies to others, currently researched challenges and recent results.


Howard Poon said…
Hi, thanks for sharing. I was just wondering if you have the link to the slides? Thank you!

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