Monarch updates

"When Moll was recruited to the CEO role at Auris Health, he helped shift the company away from a focus on eye surgery — in part because he felt robotically-assisted surgery for those procedures was a tough sell with regulators — and spearheaded the acquisition of Hansen’s technology. It provided the backbone of the Monarch, with the principal clinical use shifting from cardiac care to the treatment of lung cancer."
An interesting additional piece of information is that the Monarch will be soon made capable of navigating to the target tumor by itself, similarly to the da Vinci FC.
"Monarch combines four aspects in its system: robotics; software to both control the robot and to present data to the operator; preoperative analytics, which are added and used by the physician in navigating the lungs; and the endoscope's design", Josh DeFonzo, chief strategy officer, Auris, told BioWorld MedTech.
Fun fact: the name Monarch was marked in January 2017 already!  


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