Ultrasound training and simulation

US has become an essential component of CIS due to its availability. Our most recent article reviews the available training and simulation solutions:
Urbán et al.: Simulated Medical Ultrasound Trainers (in. Acta Polytechnica Hungarica, Vol. 15(7))
Ultrasound  is  one  of  the  most  widely  employed  real-time  diagnostic  imaging modalities in modern medicine.  To use it efficiently, and to correctly interpret the images, the medical staff needs to acquire sophisticated skills. In this article, a review is provided on the devices and methods of modern ultrasonography training employing high-end informa- tion technology tools. It spans from the most critical moments, examination, to image-based training methods. Hardware and software based solutions are introduced along their current limitations. A comprehensive overview is provided about the most popular ultrasound simu- lators based on a common set of criteria, including their basic features, simulation methods, training concept and the supported scanning protocols. Tutors shall be able to make better in- formed decisions based on the enlisted characteristics of the various systems. The principles of simulation methods and techniques are also discussed in details along with the challenges of the field.
Source: Acta Polytechnica


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