Inside the laboratory

The CISST Lab is ran by several professors. Prof. Taylor, the director is basically involved in everything. Prof. Kazanzides focuses more on surgical assistant workstations for teleoperated robots, on small animal radiation and neurosurgery. Prof. Fichtinger moved to Queens University in Kingston, but his group is still working here on prostate brachytherapy. Prof. Hager works on modeling and visualization, and Prof. Okamura on haptics. All the professors have their own PhD and undergrad students working for them, sometimes in different projects parallel. The lab has great hardwares. Beside an opened up da Vinci, that has been built a new controller, several endoscope-holder robots, micro-surgery setups, a snake-like robot prototype and other mobile robots can be found. Those robots that are in actual trial phase (first cadaver then animal and finally clinical) are moved to the JH Hospital. I will try to introduce each project I come across.


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