Steady-hand robots for microsurgery

Several new robots have been developed here to assist microsurgery. This JHU Steady Hand Robot has innovative structural design, and it can augment the surgeon's skills by reducing hand tremor, and cooperatively guiding surgical tools. Further details can be found here and a presentation is here.
Another robot is particularly for eye surgery. When an artery is blocked within the retina, the plaque can be dissolved by adding special vasodilatating chemicals locally. However, this means that the surgeon has to hit the targeted blood vessel, and keep the needle inside it. The steady-hand robot can grasp a needle and move it carefully in tandem with the surgeon in a technique called cooperative manipulation. In tests of the device, the researchers have successfully injected a liquid into a chicken embryo's blood vessels, resembling structures in the human eye. This robot will hopefully reach clinical phase within a few years.


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