MAZOR SpineAssist got FDA approval

The SpineAssist bone-mounted robot of Mazor Surgical Technologies Ltd. got FDA approval in 2008, and now it has been approved to be used together with the C-Insight imaging system.

"The SpineAssist system enables surgeons to accurately place implants with reduced radiation exposure during surgery.
The system consists of a miniature device that mounts above the patient’s spine, and a workstation running advanced surgical planning software.
A wide range of spinal surgeries require the placement of implants, such as spinal fusion, kyphoplasty and translaminar facet fixation.
Accurate implant placement is required as implants are placed close to the spinal cord, branching nerve roots, and major blood vessels. In addition, accurate placement will ensure the highest probability of surgical success.
Today, implant placement is mostly accomplished through freehand techniques, and depending on the technique and/or complexity of the case, may require a large number of fluoroscopic (x-ray) images to ensure accuracy of placement.
SpineAssist’s software allows surgeons to perform 3D, CT- based preoperative planning on a personal computer at their own convenience prior to surgery."

More info on the system: here and videos.
Source: MedGadget


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