CIS tutorial ICABB - update

As broadcasted earlier, we are organizing a Tutorial at the fast approaching ICABB conference. Participation is included in the general conference registration, so everybody is welcome! Additional information can be found on the tutorial's website.
ScheduleThursday, 14.10.2010

Gabor Fichtinger, PhD

Gernot Kronreif, PhD

Tamas Haidegger


Franjo Pernuš, PhD   
Wolfgang Birkfellner, PhD  
Lena Maier-Hein, PhD

Questions & Discussion

Introduction to interventional robotics, robot-assisted prostate cancer treatment

Surgical robotic systems—abdominal needle placement

Medical robot systems’ accuracy, safety and validation

3D/2D image registration the enabling technology for image-guided interventions

Motion tracking in radio-oncology

Computer-assisted laparoscopic surgery: challenges, perspectives & limitations


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