ACMIT - the new focus point of CIS research in Austria

The ACMIT (Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology) was founded a year ago, supported by an Austrian national grant for at least 4 years to 

"ACMIT is the Austrian competence center for research & development in medical technologies, focusing on minimally invasive surgery and procedures. We are working on new "active" surgical instruments and highly accurate positioning systems for these tools. Our expertise concentrates in MIS instruments, medical robotics, sensors and work-flow analysis.
ACMIT is a neutral R&D-platform offering various services. Their robotic-related projects include:
  • Robot-Assisted and Needle-Based Tumor Treatment
  • Remote-Controlled Tool Holders for "Minimally Invasive Procedures"
  • Integrated System for Minimally Invasive Autopsy
  • Image Guided Patient Positioning and Immobilization for Effective Therapy
  • "In-vivo" Robot Systems for Clinical Use
    "The research group at ACMIT center has more than 10 years of experience in the development of robot systems for needle based percutaneous interventions. One cornerstone of development has been the B-Rob I and II robot systems. Together with national and international research partners various applications based on this robot system have been developed and successfully evaluated both in vivo and in vitro." An upcoming post will deal with the B-Robs. 


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