Dr. Satava in Budapest

We were extremely pleased and honored to have Dr. Richard Satava visiting Budapest, as the BME Technical University President's guest. He gave two lectures, and for the first time in history, his powerpoint presentation is available in Hungarian (from here). The English version is also available.   
The presentations included a general overview of the recent change of paradigm in medical care: shifting the focus from materials to information and energy. One of the most promising technologies down the road is HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound). Since the technology is already existing, it will only take time to see the holomer concept coming to the every-day use, where we will all have a complete medical record of our body to carry around at all times. Probably the best part of the talk was about disruptive technologies that are already around the corner and will certainly change the world as we know it. The message to take home was that "technology is neither good or evil. It all depends how we use it, therefore we must get prepared to become wise and careful users of the new, powerful tools we are developing. The responsibility is ours."
More Satava presentations are available here.
One of his great talks from 2009.


Lee said…
The URL for the english version is : http://sirkan.iit.bme.hu/~haidegger/t/SurgRob/Presentation_Satava_Eng.pdf
T. said…
Thanks; corrected.

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