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It is great to see how projects are evolving at the CISST/LCSR lab every time I get back. In recent times, the cisst software library has seen major improvements. Now it includes advanced virtualization and shared control features, allowing to interact with various devices (robot, camera, tracker, etc.) in a dynamically changing environment. cisstStereo also got a decent tutorial from Bal√°zs.
"The cisst package is a collection of libraries designed to ease the development of computer assisted intervention systems. One motivation is the development of a Surgical Assistant Workstation ( SAW), which is a platform that combines robotics, stereo vision, and intraoperative imaging (e.g., ultrasound) to enhance a surgeon's capabilities for minimally-invasive surgery (MIS). All software is available under an open source license, which can be found  here. The source code can be obtained from our Subversion (SVN) repository."
The CISST people has already passed a human trial with the Ultrasound support system, and the SAW was popularized lately by Intuitive at the SPIE conference
The other flagship project is the Eye robot. "The Steady Hand Eye Robot cooperatively shares control of a surgical tool with the surgeon while meeting the performance, accuracy, and safety requirements of microsurgery."
Almost all of the CISST projects are relying on the cisst, e.g. our neurosurgical project used cisstVector and cisstDevices heavily.

Source: cisst site


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