MICCAI in Toronto

This was my third MICCAI, and absolutely the best one! The chairs (Drs. Fichtinger, Peters and Martel) did a great job, and the program was very relaxed, leaving space for a lot of discussions. There were numerous workshops and sessions dealing with robotics, although, as typical for MICCAI, CAI was underrepresented relative to MIC. There were many CIS relevant sessions and workshops, e.g.,
A couple of the more exciting talks:
  • Distance Measurement in Middle Ear Surgery using a Telemanipulator
  • Unified Detection and Tracking in Retinal Microsurgery
  • MR-based Real Time Path Planning for Cardiac Operations with Transapical Access
  • Interventional Radiology Robot for CT and MRI Guided Percutaneous Interventions
  • and many more...
You can access the entire proceedings here.


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