Biorobotics lab at SNU

The BioRobotics Laboratory at Seoul National University deals with smart actuation, develops new materials and structures inspired by the nature to achieve smoother, nicer, more efficient locomotion. (That resonates very well to the Shanghai Lectures' focus.) Prof. Kyu Jin Cho and his students are working on micro machining, Smart Composite Microstructures (e.g. SMA spring actuators), Shape Deposition Manufacturing and smart actuation. A couple of their robots and cool mechanisms are listed here:
  • a jumping FLEA robot
  • Compliant Robotic Fish
  • Omegabot:Inchworm inspired robot
  • Compliant gripper : Adaptive gripping using buckling of flexure joints
  • Large deformable morphing structure: Flytrap-inspired robo
  • Portable Arm Exoskeleton for rehabilitation
  • Hands on Surgical Robot: Shared control system
Last week, I was happy to visit the group and whitness the smart structures they have. (Also gave a seminar talk on the roles of Standards in medical robotics development, which you can access here.)


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