SYMBIS Surgical System - the new MR compatible robotic neurosurgery platform

IMRIS has built a respectable business having already sold 55 of its VISIUS Surgical Theatres and claiming an order backlog of  $120M. IMRIS bought neuroArm technology in early 2010 to build a commercially available verison. (Learn more about the deal here.) Curently, they are undergoing human clinical trials. Some key features of the new system as listed in the Q3 investors' presentation:
  • "Augmented reality that combines real time optical images together with MR or CT images 
  • Surgeon defined surgical volume, accuracy and resolution 
  • Complete tactile sense, scalable and measurable
  • The surgical approach can be 10’s of mm with complete capability "
 IMRIS plans to sell  the system ASP $2M, with a service contract for $200K/year and  instruments & accessories would cost $1,200/procedure. These are similar numbers of the da Vinici's. They count on 1,1M neuro and spinal SYMBIS procedures in the US and over 2.2M annually world wide. Their FDA approval is pending.

As the  next step, Varian Medical Systems and IMRIS teamd up to co-develop a new MR-guided radiation therapy system.

Image credit: IMRIS


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