PinTrace orthopaedic robot from Sweden

PinTrace is a CAOS system from the Swedish Medical Robotics Co to guide the positioning of  fixating screws in a femoral neck fracture under fluoroscopy. It provides CT-based planning, registration, guidance for positioning, placement of guide wires, pins and screws. First robotic surgery in Sweden performed 1998 at Sodertalje Hospital by Stig Lindequist. The technology comes from a 20-year-old thesis from Karolinska Intitutet. The robot is CE marked, has been used on over 60 human patients until 2006. Learn more form their 2010 brochure, from a 2008 thesis on their visualization tool, and more on their user interface. Their original patent (D0456080) is from 2001, yet they allowed another one to expire in 2006. Most probably, the company got defunct, yet if you know more, let us know!


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