Fine details of the ALF-X system

The ALF-X received CE mark 2 years ago, and we have been covering its development as much as possible (see prior posts here, here and here). Now you can learn all the mechatronic details of the system from their patent dating back 2006:
"A robotic surgical system for performing minimally invasive medical procedures includes a robot manipulator for robotically assisted handling of a laparoscopic instrument having a manipulator arm, a manipulator wrist supported by the arm and an effector unit supported by the wrist, wherein the manipulator arm provides three degrees-of-freedom by means of a first joint, a second joint and a third joint, each having an associated actuator, for robotically positioning the wrist, the wrist providing two degrees-of-freedom by means of a fourth joint and a fifth revolute joint having an associated actuator, for robotically setting the yaw angle and the pitch angle of the effector unit respectively; the effector unit includes a laparoscopic instrument actuator and provides one degree-of-freedom by means of a revolute sixth joint having an associated actuator for robotically setting the roll angle of the LIAs which includes a seat with an associated coupling mechanism for mounting an instrument stem adaptor to the effector unit, and an actuation mechanisms cooperating with the instrument stem adaptor for actuating a laparoscopic instrument connected to the adaptor. The effector unit is configured such that the rotation axis of the revolute sixth joint coincides with the longitudinal axis of a laparoscopic instrument mounted to the effector unit and the effector unit includes a sensor assembly having a 6 degree-of-freedom (DOF) force/torque sensor and a 6 DOF accelerometer. The sensor assembly connects the LIA to the sixth revolute joint."


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