Updates on the ALF-X system

"The Telelap ALF-X, an universal tele-manipulation system of endoscopic surgery. ALF-X is equipped with an eye-tracking system that can efficiently control the endoscopic view by moving any viewed area to the center of the screen. The eye-tracking system also enables activation of the various available instruments by merely looking at their respective icons on the screen and selecting them."
By now, the first system is serving in the clinics in Rome, at a University Hospital, where it has successfully preformed sever dozens of successful human gyneacological procedures.
In the past year, the system development was mostly about the ergonomics: there is now an extended surgeons' console, ergonomic seating, fiber optic communication enables control from remote (nearby), universal interface for various laparoscopic tools, and a constrained, yet potent 4 DOF force sensing integrated in the arms. These features are nicely presented on the videos below:

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