da Vinci XI is coming

 Rumor has it, Intuitive is planning the release of a new system, the "XI". 
"In the da Vinci Xi overview video, you will hear from Intuitive Surgical CEO Gary Guthart and the product design team who worked to deliver the Xi System. The da Vinci Xi is optimized for complex four-quadrant surgery featuring revolutionary anatomical access, crystal clear 3DHD vision, and a platform designed to seamlessly integrate future innovations."

We will keep delivering all public news about it! 

(Thanks to Ricky Murphy for spotting.)

Image credit: Mail Online


Jim Smithson said…
You should really consider how you will be perceived when you try to publicize what is perceived to be mistakes of others. It appears that the 800 pound gorilla in the robotic surgery space has erred, and if you consider yourself a member of the robotics community you should realize that such actions may make it more difficult to collaborate with both that company as well as others who perceive such postings to be disrespectful and trying to make a name for yourself by being a gadfly.
T. said…
This is a fair comment. Yet I believe we have not post anything confidential, except for the name of a system. This is actually a perfect advertizement for the new system, making people curious about is, when it is released. Our friends at Intuitive are reading this blog. They will tell us if the post should be removed, or they are all happy about it.

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