Nanorobotics in medicine

One of my students at the recent Intro to CIS course at Óbuda University submitted a pretty good resumé of nanotechnology in medical robotics. If you want to learn more about Nanodevices Using Organic/Inorganic Components, nanomotors, nanocapsules and nanocarriers, keep reading below!
"A nanorobot is essentially a controllable machine at the nanometer or molecular scale that is composed of nanoscale components. The field of nanorobotics studies the design, manufacturing, programming, and control of the nanoscale robots. When fully realized from the hypothetical stage, the nanorobots would work at the atomic, molecular and cellular level to perform tasks in both the medical and industrial fields that have heretofore been the stuff of science fiction.
Although artificial nanorobots do not yet exist, nature’s biological nanorobotic systems do exist and provide evidence that such systems are at least possible (Weir et al., 2005). As a result, nanorobots have for the most part been explored in the biological context of nano-medicine."
Read more at Paulo Augusto de Almeida Silva: Nanotechnologies Development and Applications (2014).
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