China's surgical robots

We have already covered a couple of the Chinese robots published, here are some new systems (such as MicroHand A)! 

In September 2014, the Shenzhen Advanced Institute spinal surgical robot was introduced: "With positioning equipment, a robot will be able to accurately locate the position of the patient's spine surgery. This is the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology is developing spine surgical robot, capable of stably at high accuracy for spinal surgery patients, the leading domestic technology."

"April 11-13, 2014 the 11th Shanghai International Education Expo Education of exhibition held in Shanghai Exhibition Center. The exhibition, the college all-round display of the outstanding achievements of international school of advanced concepts and personnel training, the number of full of new creative works to let visitors amazed, "minimally invasive surgical robot", "less driven prosthetic hand", "Automatic picking robot", "old assistant," "Small UAVs automatic control system" and other scientific and technological achievements attracted the attention of many visitors, who come to the consultation visit flocked to teach Bo became the most One booth welcome.
"Minimally invasive surgical robot" is one of the world's most advanced single-hole surgical robot systems, only a skin incision will be able to direct focus, greatly reduces operative pain and shorter hospital stay and recovery time. On developers know that this section single port laparoscopic surgery system for the next world's smallest size to achieve endoscopic minimally invasive surgical robot functions. Although the set of surgical robotic system is still in the experimental stages of development, but has completed similar to peel the skins and other fine and complex manipulation tasks.

Navy General Hospital, developed by China's first portable surgical robot (2010) has been put into clinical use. It is understood that the portable surgical robot weighs only 3 kg, can carry radiotherapy of brain tumors, cerebral hematoma evacuation and other neurological surgery, surgical treatment is suitable for field site, earthquakes and other emergency situations.

Another older post of the "Third Military Medical University robot" (2010):
"The surgical "robot" by the robotic arm and console consisting of two systems: a body shaped like a manipulator arm stout body, including the "arm, forearm, palm," the three parts, connecting three parts of each joint can rotate round easy access to relevant parts of the spinal vertebrae and bones anywhere, "palm" section of the bone may need to be installed in accordance with surgical drill, various surgical bone knife, pedicle screws and other equipment, along with a camera and light source, real-time transmission of surgery interface to the console. Console includes a monitor, the operator panel and some other doctors completed surgery related action command robotic arm controlled by the console.


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