Clear Guide SCENERGY Ultrasound-CT Fusion System

Clear Guide Medical won FDA clearance for its SCENERGY Ultrasound-CT Fusion System back in February. The Hopkins spin-off company aims to "introduce the first clinical device to provide real-time CT-Ultrasound fusion for interventional procedures on existing ultrasound machines."
"Clear Guide Medical has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its innovative CT-Ultrasound fusion and image guidance system, the Clear Guide SCENERGY. This pioneering device helps interventional radiologists and surgeons perform minimally-invasive biopsies and other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures through an intelligently integrated display of fused ultrasound and CT images. The system is sold as an accessory to most ultrasound machines.
Working in collaboration with partner hospitals, SCENERGY was developed in response to a clear need for simpler multi-modality imaging using ultrasound while minimizing the number of CTs and time spent in the CT suite. By showing the clarity of CT with the real-time visualization of ultrasound, users experience the benefits of both modalities simultaneously. Procedure duration will drop with SCENERGY’s fully automated registration process. Best of all, SCENERGY does not require special needles or new imaging equipment, preserving the customary workflow and maximizing the productivity of existing capital equipment."

The CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY combines your ultrasound machine with real-time, simple CT navigation in a modern, efficient multi-modality approach. Dynamic and static image modalities, hassle-free instrument guidance, no calibration - the CLEAR GUIDE SCENERGY delivers image fusion that just works.
  • Automatic visual registration
  • Real-time ultrasound and CT fusion
  • Instrument tracking, independent of tool type
  • Tissue-specific CT deformation modeling
  • Touchscreen interactivity
  • Available for sale in the United States immediately


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