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The 6 coolest surgical robots - according to IEEE Spectrum:

We Already Trust Robot Surgeons

Smart surgical systems now make decisions and carry out independent actions in a number of operations

  • illustration of tumor
    Cancer Tumors
    The robotic radiosurgery system from Accuray circles the patient, correcting for patient movement while delivering targeted beams of high-dose radiation to the tumor.


  • illustration of eye
    In Lasik vision correction surgery, robotic systems from a variety of companies plan how to reshape patients’ corneas, then fire laser pulses while correcting for eye movement.
  • illustration of knee
    Hip & Knee
    In joint-replacement surgeries, a robot from Think Surgical cuts through bone at precise angles to give the artificial knee the best possible alignment and stability.


  • illustration of spine
    The guidance robot from Mazor Robotics uses the patient’s CT scans to position a frame for surgeons’ tools, giving them 1.5-millimeter accuracy.
  • illustration of hair
    In hair-graft surgeries, Restoration Robotics’ system identifies hair follicles for harvesting, cuts them out, and makes tiny incisions for the transplants.


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