Mazor Robotics unveils Mazor X

"Ahead of an official commercial launch this fall, Mazor Robotics Lts. recently debuted Mazor X, which they are terming, “a transformative guidance platform for spine surgeries.” The company is positioning this device as a major technological step forward, moving the field of robotic-based surgery into more all-encompassing support than exists currently.
In a press release, Mazor Robotics CEO Ori Hadomi explains, “Mazor X is the culmination of a multi-year development effort to proactively address our target market, surgeon and patient needs for today’s reimbursement environment, by applying multi-disciplinary principles to achieve a Surgical Assurance platform.”

The Mazor X, which has been clinically validated in a variety of cases, represents a significant milestone in Mazor’s development. Surgical Assurance is provided by the Mazor X via three main coordinated processes:
  • Pre-Operative Analytics: A suite of software-based sophisticated tools designed to pre-operatively assess spinal alignment and implement full surgical planning, facilitating a total patient treatment strategy. A key component of Pre-Op Analytics, the X-Align* module, is a combination of biomechanical logic and virtual surgical tools with computerized alignment calculations, intended to streamline the process of creating a holistic alignment plan for each patient.
  • Intra-Operative Guidance: Utilizing precision mechanics and a bed-attached, bone-mounted surgical arm to guide surgical tools and synergistic implants* according to the Pre-Op Analytics. Coupled with innovative tracking* and imaging, Intra-operative Guidance effects predictable execution of the surgical plan.
  • Real-Time 3D Verification*: The Mazor X System's real-time verification allows surgeons to close the surgical loop and confirm - execution and reconciliation of the surgical plan using proprietary 2D fluoroscopy-based technology, visual tracking*, or intraoperative imaging systems.
News of the Mazor X system was essentially concurrent to the announcement that the Minneapolis-based Medtronic is prepared to up their investment in Mazor Robotics to the tune of $20 million. That financial boost comes less than two months after Medtronic’s initial strategic partnerships with the Israeli company were forged and was largely triggered by the new equipment’s unveiling.
Mazor X is slated for its proper commercial launch at the annual meeting of the North American Spine Society, taking place in Boston this fall."
Medtronic has already ordered 15 Mazor X systems and the system's potential market share is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Source: Surgical Product MagBusinesswire, Mazor Robotics


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