XACT robot from Israel

XACT Robotics Ltd. from Israel is working on a novel needle insertion robot platform:
"The XACT 5 degrees-of-freedom robot is part of the needle steering and insertion system. The physician plans the procedure on the XACT workstation in the control room, selecting a desired target and entry point.  The XACT system calculates the needle trajectory for accurate needle placement. A standard needle is then attached to the robot, and the robot performs the needle insertion to the desired target under the physician’s control.
Wide Range of Applications  XACT’s technology can apply to a wide range of applications, procedures and target organs using different imaging systems within the image guided and robot-assisted surgery market.  Examples of applicable procedures performed under image guidance are biopsies, ablations, insertion of draining devices, electrical stimulation, drug delivery, brachytherapy, and more. 

 The XACT system will bring many benefits to the current standard of care including:
  • Lessen the exposure of interventional radiologists and patients to large radiation doses
  • Easily target and reach small lesions
  • Simple performance of complex angulation 3D needle trajectories
  • Ongoing path correction to maintain planned trajectory without needle re-insertion/s
  • Active compensation for target movement resulting from breathing or patient movement
  • Predictable procedure duration to prevent clogging up costly CT time
  • Significant decrease in the learning curve for interventional radiologists
The market is in need of a safe, accurate, and predictable method for performing interventional CT-guided procedures, which will allow more interventional radiologists to safely and effectively treat more patients in need."
Source: XACT Robotics


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