Updates on Preceyes

"Preceyes develops innovative robotic solutions to assist eye surgeons in performing the most demanding surgical tasks. Preceyes enables the development of new, high-precision treatments and facilitates existing vitreoretinal surgery.

* Precision
Scaling of movements and filtering of hand tremors yield unprecedented steadiness and precision, whilst standby functionality improves control and enables to relax during surgery by freezing the instrument position.
* Safety
Whilst the hybrid setup allows the surgeon to maintain patient contact, the instrument minimizes residual eye movements by holding the cannula and safety boundaries are employed to limit instrument movements.
* Workflow Optimization
During surgery, the instrument is easily included to assist in a specific task and instruments are easily changed, whilst instrument movements are recorded for post-surgical evaluation and training purposes.

Strategically located in the Dutch Brainport region, the high-precision capital of the world, Preceyes builds upon excellent research of Eindhoven University of Technology. Incorporated in 2011, Preceyes has developed the PRECEYES Surgical System, which has successfully been validated in in-vivo preclinical investigations. The first in-human clinical investigation is anticipated for 2016, targeting CE approval and market introduction in 2018.
Recently, Preceyes B.V. (NL) and Nightstar (UK) have entered into a collaboration for the development of a high-precision drug delivery technology in the eye."

Source: Preceyes B.V.


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