Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - Accenture report

Accenture claims that robot-assisted surgery, and orthopedic surgery in particular will bring the most value in AI for surgery in a most recent report
"AI represents a significant opportunity for  industry players to manage their bottom line in  a new payment landscape, while capitalizing on  new growth potential. To better understand the  savings potential of AI, Accenture analyzed a  comprehensive taxonomy of 10 AI applications  with the greatest near-term impact in healthcare.  The assessment defined the impact of each  application, likelihood of adoption and value to  the health economy. The top three applications  that represent the greatest near-term value are  robot-assisted surgery ($40 billion), virtual nursing  assistants ($20 billion) and administrative workflow  assistance ($18 billion).  As these,  and other AI applications gain more experience  in the field, their ability to learn and act will  continually lead to improvements in precision,  efficiency and outcomes. 
Robot-assisted surgery leads the AI pack in terms  of value potential. Cognitive robotics can integrate  information from pre-op medical records with  real-time operating metrics to physically guide and  enhance the physician’s instrument precision. The  technology incorporates data from actual surgical  experiences to inform new, improved techniques  and insights. Such improvements enhance overall  outcomes and consumer trust for AI applicability  across surgical areas of practice. Robotics  outcomes include a 21 percent reduction in length  of stay, according to Accenture analysis. The value  will only increase with the development of robotic  solutions for a greater diversity of surgeries. 
AI is not an innovation coming down the pike—it’s here. It’s in our call centers, our homes and now, in our healthcare. Those who seize the AI opportunity and embrace these applications to deliver high-quality,  cost-effective care will be the ones to leapfrog competitors."

Source: Accenture


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