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"The tool has seven degrees of freedom and can be used as a smart positioning device for compact robots. Having all controllers, sensors and circuits integrated, it is a fully embedded system. Robots and adapters can be attached via a mechatronic interface at its distal end within seconds. The interface provides a power supply, access to the internal communication of the positioning tool and to external devices via the tool’s base to support and control attached robots. Additionally, a LAN module, a WLAN and Bluetooth module allow wired and wireless communication. With a RESTful API, researchers get access to all sensors and interaction modalities of the Intelligent Positioning Device.
A robot specialized for guiding an endoscope
The Endoscope Guidance Robot is a compact robot specialized for the application of holding an endoscope during transnasal interventions. Until now, surgeons mostly have to guide the endoscope themselves for seeing the operation area during transnasal interventions. This task occupies one of their hands completely, constraining surgical working conditions. The Endoscope Guidance Robot takes over this task, so that the surgeon has one more hand at free disposal.
  •     Precise Positioning
  •     Fine movements of low intensity
  •     Foot pedal control
  •     Combination with all rigid endoscopes possible
Advantages of leaving the endoscope guidance to a compact robot
  •     Avoidance of tissue contact
  •     No tremor
  •     Less tiring
Optimized for specific surgical accesses
The gentlest way of surgery is to operate through natural accesses or through very small incisions. Hence accurate and fine movements adequate to the chosen access are required from the surgeon – and from robotic assistance.
Optimized for certain surgical tasks
A surgical task requires a defined type and intensity of movements with instruments of adequate shape and size. Robotic assistance undertaking a certain surgical task has to meet the respective requirements exactly.
Fitting perfectly into surgical working conditions
A perfect fit into surgical working conditions is a basic requirement for robotic assistance. This involves a perfect integration into operating room and surgical workflow including a quick and easy preoperative setup.
Our solution: Compact and application-specific robots combined with the Intelligent Positioning Device for maximum convenience
Our robots are compact and application-specific to meet the requirements following from access and task optimization. Hence, they are equipped with exactly the technical features they need for undertaking a specific surgical task through a specific surgical access – no more, no less.
During usage, our robots have to be provided with energy and control signals and have to be brought into the right position. This is done by our Intelligent Positioning Device, which is the base of our robotic solution and guarantees a convenient working situation.

Easy to use plug-and-play robotics
To be used during an intervention, the compact robots need to be supplied with power and signals from a control unit (e.g. a foot pedal). This is enabled by our Intelligent Positioning Device, which connects robot, control unit and power source. Hence it is the base for our easy to use plug-and-play robotic system.
  •     Mechatronic interface for attachment of compact robots
  •     Power supply of robots
  •     Supply of robots with signals from control unit
Perfect fit into surgical workplace and workflow
The slim and flexible Intelligent Positioning Device is fixed directly to the OR-table. Afterwards it is connected to control unit and power source and the compact robot is attached. The system is ready-to-use within 60 seconds. Hence it fits perfectly in every surgical workplace and workflow.
  •     Direct fixation to the OR-table rail system
  •     Quick and easy preoperative setup
  •     Low space requirements
  •     Excellent handling through minimal system weight offered by lightweight construction
  •     Visual information about system status
Easy and intelligent positioning of small robots and instruments
The Intelligent Positioning Device has seven joints, so it can be driven in every position. This position can be remembered by the arm. Since the handling of the Intelligent Positioning Device is that easy and convenient, it can also be used as holding and positioning tool for non-motorized instruments.
  •     Exact positioning by controlled release of seven joints
  •     Position Saving
  •     Guiding to saved positions
  •     Easy handling via touch buttons
  •     Mechanic interface for positioning of non-motorized instruments."
Source: Medineering


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