ICRA Workshop on surgical Robots - Proceedings

"New robotic technologies have led to significant advances in surgery in recent decades. Motivated  to further reduce the invasiveness of  robot - assisted surgery, new robotic systems are being created  that enter the patient’s body via single ports or natural orifices and can reach and  operate  in  difficult - to - access sites. However, there are still challenges to implement minimally invasive surgery  with these new surgical robotic systems, such as the design, control, and sensing of  surgical robots  for specific clinical applications.  In this workshop  we will focus on  new surgical robots that are  compliant, continuum, cognitive, and collaborative (C4 surgical robots). Integrating the emerging  technologies  in  soft  robotics,  smart  materials,  co - robotics,  and  artificial  intelligence  has  the  potential  to  enable  new  C4  surgical  robots.  This  workshop  will  bring  together  world - class  researchers  to  present  state - of - the - art  research  results  in  surgical  robotics  and  the  potential  challenges for creating and implementing C4 robots for clinical applications."

  • Patrick Anderson, Richard Hendrick and Robert Webster Iii. Real-Time Redundancy Resolution for Concentric Tube Robots to Avoid Elastic Instability (First Prize)
  • Sanjay Krishnan and Ken Goldberg. Bootstrapping Deep Reinforcement Learning of Surgical Tensioning with An Analytic Model (Second Prize) 
  • Ziyang Dong, Ziyan Guo, Denny K.C. Fu, Kit-Hang Lee, Martin C.W. Leong, Chim-Lee Cheung, Alex P.W. Lee, Wayne Luk and Ka-Wai Kwok. A Robotic Catheter System for MRI-guided Cardiac Electrophysiological Intervention (Merit Award)

You can find the complete proceeding of the workshop here, and the photo album here.
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