OncoRobot - a new system from the Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics

"The OncoRobot (a combination of the Russian words Oncologia ('Oncology') and Robot) is designed to assist with brachytherapy, which involves the insertion of radioactive implants directly into patient tissue to treat prostate cancer. 
The system is the brainchild of the St. Petersburg-based Russian State Scientific Center for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics, one of Russia's leading scientific centers.
The system will allow for precise, real-time control of the movements of surgical instruments with the assistance of an intratissual visualization based on ultrasound. Working with the assistance of a personal computer, the OncoRobot is being designed to operate in manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode.
Mounted either on a mobile platform, or on brackets fixed to the ceiling, the OncoRobot includes a manipulator mechanism with six degrees of motion, a device for controlling the movement of the needle as it enters the patient's soft tissue, and an onboard ultrasound imaging system.  
In the context of sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States, Europe, and other countries, the OncoRobot is expected to become Russia's domestic alternative to Western brachytherapy systems. The import of medical equipment for brachytherapy treatment currently runs Russian hospitals anywhere from 40-50 million rubles ($671,500-$839,000 US), and the Center for Robotics expects the price of the OncoRobot to be significantly lower than its Western analogues.
According to developers, potential customers have already expressed an interest in the Onkorobot. They include the National Medical Research Radiology Center of the Russian Ministry of Health, the N.N. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology, and L.G. Sokolov Memorial Hospital No. 122. The Center for Robotics reached an agreement with the National Medical Research Radiology Center on cooperation in the creation of high-tech medical products in April.
The Center for Robotics is one of Russia's largest scientific centers, specializing in the design and development of robotics, special instrument engineering, information management systems, information security and advanced space technologies."

Source: Sputniknews


Addison f said…
This is been a greatest achievement in Robot technology era,I deeply study about modern technology and I still have so much interest in the project, i think The Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics (RTC) is one of the largest research centers in Russia.The use of word "cybernetics" by own itself is a great example of retro futurism.The word "cybernetics" itself is a considerable example of retrofuturism. The field of study has convey on under the much more commonplace name of systems theory.
OAKS Clinic said…
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