Report on the 10th Jubilee Hamlny Symposium

Guest post by Renáta Elek and the BARK team:
"The Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics allows surgeons and engineers from across the globe to experience the latest developments in medical robotics. Surgical Robot Challenge 2017 will be held on Sunday 25th June at the Royal Geographic Society in London. The main symposium will be held on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th June. Workshops will be organised for Wednesday 28th June. The symposium annually attracts world-leading scientists, engineers and clinicians from a wide range of disciplines associated with medical robotics and surgery.
Symposium Highlights:
  • A series of invited talks by distinguished speakers
  • Panel debate on breakthrough medical robotics
  • Oral and poster presentations on a wide range of clinical and technical topics
  • An international audience from leading research organisations and universities in   medical robotics
  • Annual international forum for clinicians, engineers and researchers
  • Series of topical workshops
  • Industry exhibits
  • Surgical Robot Challenge 2017"

The symposium included an ‘Emerging Surgical Robot Platforms’ (Keynote Lecture: Dong-Soo Kwon, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea, ‘KAIST Efforts Towards the Minimum Invasive Surgery’), ‘From Platform Development to Neurointervention’ (Invited Lecture: Catherine Mohr, Intuitive Surgical, USA, ‘Surgical Robots as a Technology Platforms’), ‘Surgical Vision and Navigation’, ‘From Miniature Robots to Molecular Machines’ (Invited Lecture: Andrew Turberfield, University of Oxford, UK,  ‘Programming Autonomous Molecular Machinery’), ‘Tracking and Kinematic Modelling’, and ‘Storz-Hopkins Lecture and Awards’ Karl Storz - Harold Hopkins Lecture: Joseph J. Y. Sung, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong, China, ‘AI and Robotic Surgery: What is the Role of Future Medics?’ sessions. The symposium also included a poster teaser session, a Leaders Forum, and the Highlights of the Surgical Robot Challenge.

Invited Lecturer: Dr Catherine Mohr, Intuitive Surgical, USA:
Nikolay Vasilyev, Russel Taylor, Bradley Nelson, Rick Satava & Guang-Zhong Yang discuss future of robotic surgery at 10th Hamlyn Symposium:

The last day of the symposium included 7 parallel workshops:
  • Next Generation Continuum Robots
  • Robotically Assisted Paediatric Interventions
  • Surgical Workflow and Process Modelling
  • Image Guided Therapies
  • Micro Robotics and Micro Fabrication
  • Human Robot Interaction Applied to Health
  • Surgical Robotics: First in Human.

The proceedings soon to be available online.
The official report on the symposium is here

Source: Hamlyn


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