Da Vinci surgery in Hungary

Today, the first urulogic robotic procedure will take place in Hungary at the Telki Hospital. The da Vinci S robot came from Prague (together with the surgeon and his team) just for this prostatectomy. You can follow the surgery live at Videoklinika (Hungarian site) from 2 p.m. CET. (The Hungarian press release can be found here.) The event is organized by Duthcmed Hungary Ltd., the local distributor of Intuitive's sytem.
The very first da Vinci procedure also took place at Telki in 2007.

After a brief press conference, the surgery went on fine. The 62-year-old patient did not care about the swarm of press people in the OR. The technical staff brought the equipment for the real time streaming, and people were also following the surgery at the Hopsital and in Keszthely, where the National Urulogist Congress takes place these days. Another S robot had been brought there for a hands-on experience for the surgeons. Learn more about da Vinci prostatectomy here. The whole event was very well organized, and got wide media coverage. Hope this will help to move towards the first permanent da Vinci in Hungary.
Pictures of the procedure and short videos from the OR.

Stay tuned with the latest news from Intuitive: Third quarter earnings report coming on October 20.


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