MICCAI 2009 Workshops

This year's MICCAI was popular again, as Imperial College homed it in the heart of London. For two days before and after the congress, several workshops and tutorials were held. Some of them were extremely exciting and relevant to this blog:
- The Workshop on Geometric Accuracy in Image Guided Interventions brought up a heated discussion over the general use of TRE and FRE in Image Guided Surgery to measure accuracy. Hard to believe, but Dr. Fitzpatrick prooved that FRE is independent from TRE!
- The Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Intervention full day tutorial was organized by Dr. Taylor based on the positive feedback of the similar tutorial on the first day of the MRCIIS winter school back in January.
- A separate tutorial was dedicated to Tutorial on Image-Guided Interventions.
- The Augmented Environments for Medical Imaging including Augmented Reality in Computer-Aided Surgery (AMI ARCS) dealt with all the imaging aspects of CIS.
- The Modeling and Monitoring of Computer Assisted Interventions Workshop was more about explicit representation, formal understanding and statistical modeling of the interventions.
- Dr. Kazanzides organized the next WS focusing on Systems and Architectures for Computer Assisted Interventions. The goal of this workshop was to establish a forum for discussing open interfaces, interoperability, and standards for the development of computer assisted intervention systems.
Many of the MICCAI workshop materials are available free online in the form of the Midas Journals.


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