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Recently I came across the most complete historical review of the da Vinci: „The da vinci telerobotical system the virtual operating field” from Dr. Ballantyne. Worth reading it.
Despite the world economy’s temporal weakness, the da Vinci is getting selling well. By the end of the first half of 2009 there have been a total of 1,242 unit shipments worldwide (916 in the United States of America, 221 in Europe, and 105 in the rest of the world).
The popularization of the system can be well followed on the plots used by Intuitive. The claimed possible penetration of the da Vinci at different segments: 30% for GI lap chole, 60% gynencology, 80% for urology and eventually 90% for cardiac procedures. They assume, there is a need for at least two da Vincis at every major hospitals (within the US).
MIS and Intuitive’s principle equation is Value = Effectiveness / Invasiveness2, therefore they are moving towards SILS and NOTES procedures. The first tools should appear soon.
Some interesting facts: the smallest da Vinci patient was a 6 pound 5-day-old baby, and the biggest was a 576 pound patient for lap band. While radical prostateectomy, pyeloplasty and Nissen fundoplicaton are the most common procedures conducted with the da Vinci, the most complex have been intravesical ureteral reimplantation, mitrofanoff, colectomy and mitral valve repair.
As they put it, the formula for success is to acquire:
• Surgeon champions
• Administration support
• Identify your “beachhead”
• Patient volume/strong referral network
• Dedicated, well-trained team
• Well-communicated goals
• Strong marketing campaign
• Document and publish clinical outcomes
• Commitment to “weather the storm”
• Commitment to continuing education

The predicted total support and added value of the system in the future:
• da Vinci Networks cooperating with each other
• Telecollaboration of surgeons
• Digital Video Capturing for evaluation and training
• On Demand Support
• On Demand Training
• Inventory Management
• Voice Feedback

Credit: Intuitive Surgical Inc.


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