Mock OR at Hopkins

In March 2008, along with the inauguration of the new CSEB building, the full-window room next to the breezeway got the name Richard A. Swirnow Mock Operating Room remembering the generous donation (400K for 5 years) he made to create a unique demo room where surgical robotic systems can be tested and demonstrated in an OR like setup. The room got pretty full since the opening, now accommodation several projects and many hardworking people. The major systems taking place in the Mock OR:
- da Vinci S: got on loan from Intuitive, the original demo device of the second generation robot takes up a good amount of the room. There are various projects associated with it. Most importantly, the development of the SAW (Surgical Assistance Workstation) architecture that can significantly extend the surgeon’s capabilities using data fusion (video overlay), advanced visualization and extended access to patient conditions through the 3D environment of the master consol’s viewer.
- The neuroMate robot used for our skullbase drilling project seems small compared to the da Vinci. Resent improvements of the system have been published at the EMBC09 conference.
- The MR compatible brachytherapy robot built by Axel Krieger sits in the back of the room, right next to the transrectal ultrasound guided robot.
- A mobile C arm in the other corner is used for needle steering experiment, and previously was involved with X-ray based anatomical atlas creation and registration.
- Minor setups are also around: optical tracking, surgical navigation environment enhancement, EM and optical tracking fusion and many others.
If you happen to walk around the Homewood campus, do not miss to take a look!


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