Amadeus Surgical Robot

Intuitive may receive a competitor from Canada, however the engineering details of the new robot are not known yet. Neither the potential IP violation issues and clinical results. Stay tooned!
"In head to head competition with the da Vinci Surgical Robot Titan Medical, Inc. (Toronto, Canada) has introduced its Amadeus Surgical Robot, which supposedly has superior navigation and positioning, communications and vision. Both machines have four arms for different devices. While Intuitive has a head start of more than 1400 units in place, there is plenty of room for Titan, as the projected global market is about 6,000 machines ($3.4 billion) and there are few other competitors."
Titan Medical Inc. is a Canadian public company focused on the development and commercialization of robotic surgical technologies. The Company is currently developing Amadeus, a next generation 4-armed robotic surgical system, with the objective of enabling surgeons to remotely manipulate surgical instruments. The system is designed with a 16:9 format vision system that will eventually feature ultrasound vision in the scope. Another planned enhancement involves “multi-articulating” shafts. The Amadeus system has been designed in its core as an Internet protocol system, so whether it runs locally or by long distance, all the commands are programmed to be IP-compatible.
First, they have developed their first working prototype, and Titan Medical completed its “Phase B” telesurgery testing in March 2009 through a virtual private network that spanned from Toronto to Vancouverand back, an estimated round-trip distance of 4,300 miles, or 7,000 kilometers. During the test, they had a 45 Mbps connection, with a total latency of around 300 ms end to end. Next, they are moving forward to the final clinical device stage, which should be ready for clinical trials in 18 to 24 months-W.D. Boyd, head of the department of cardiothoracic surgery at Cleveland Clinic Florida will be the principal investigator of the trials.
In November 2008, Titan Medical Inc. has entered into an agreement with Bell Canada's Health unit to develop, integrate and service telesurgery capabilities for Amadeus. In december 2009, they signed an agreement with CAE Healthcare for various services. As part of the agreement, CAE Healthcare will deliver an engineering development management environment platform.
The agreement includes options, which if exercised would make CAE Healthcare the exclusive training provider for the Amadeus Robotic Surgical Platform.

Interview with Reiza Rayman MD, is the president of Titan Medical

Source: Titan Medical, Medical Automation, Health Technology Trends

Updates: - on the Amadeus
       - More recent news on the system 


NK said…
nice article-- any new news since this post?
T. said…
Not too much. Apparently, they are hiring:,+Amadeus+Surgical+Robot-titan+medical-ancaster+on-7765818
And some news on their website:
Is the Amadeus Project going ahead or has been shelved. I went on their website to find not details of the Amadeus but only Sport.
T. said…
Titan Medical changed the research direction. ow it is all about the SPORT system!

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