Call for IEEE RAS student reviewer mentors

A good year ago we started a new initiative, the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society's Student Reviewing Program (SRP). It aims to introduce students to the reviewing process step-by-step, in a controlled and supervised way. Within the SRP, some specific goals have been formulated:
  • Collect and create instructive material that students can refer to for help in the reviewing process,
  • Organize a training and supervision process for students to become a better reviewer,
  • Create a community of talented and devoted students,
  • Provide a database with experienced and motivated students that editorial boards can refer to,
  • Raise awareness about this program in the community.
The first year of the SRP closed with a successful pilot round, where 13 RAS student volunteers were involved in the reviewing procedure of the upcoming ICRA2012 conference under the guidance of Program Chair Prof. Lynne Parker (University of Tennessee). 

Now we are looking for new mentors for the SRP class of BioRob2012, which will be held in June in Rome. If you are a senior graduate student or beyond with experience in reviewing papers (especially for IEEE)--within the field if medical robotics, biorobotics--we cordially inite you to become a mentor for the SRP!
If you are interested, apply by sending an email to, with the following information:
  • your name an email address;
  • a one-paragraph motivation;
  • one keyword that describes your field of expertise;
  • your PaperPlaza PIN, if you have one.
Learn more about the SRP program here (next call for IROS2012 will open in March), or check out our previous articles in the RAS Magazine:


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